Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bayt Al Othman Museum - Hawally

This is an updated post on my favorite museum - Bayt Al Othman in Hawally as they have added some new displays since my last post.

 This is the work area for a famous Kuwaiti artist donated by his family, it's set up exactly as it was in his house, sadly he passed away before completing his painting.

 Different kinds of locks and knockers for old Kuwaiti doors

I got a sneak peek at the upper floors by a sweet Kuwaiti lady who is the interior designer for the museum. This is the overflow upstairs waiting to be displayed.
 I'm so excited as the keepers of the Al Othman houses will be refurbishing two other homes owned by Al Othman. I was told that there were four houses for his wives and these two will be an extension of the museum.

It will take some time but they will once again be grand and will allow Kuwaiti children to view the past as it once was.

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