Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saveco Kuwait

I saw some advertisements for SaveCo on Instagram and wanted to see what the hype was about. I was in love with LuLu (Lu & Lu) but I think I found a new place to shop while I'm living on this side of Kuwait. SaveCo in Shuwaikh area is a clean, well stocked place to shop with prices being the same as LuLu but less crowded.

 Makeup brushes for reasonable prices and brands from the states as well.

 There are Renuzit air fresheners with gel balls that I could only find on Arifjan available too. Yay!
 Pet section with all kinds of supplies
 Let the kids to play for 1 KD an hour

Cute little café upstairs. I love this place but if anyone plans on visiting I would go early in the day when it's less crowded. There's a post about the Kuwaiti female CEO and information about their Food Academy classes.


  1. Cool!!! Thanks for posting. I was going to venture there and you've just given me a boost.

  2. Prices are a tad bit more expensive here, I believe, compared to Lulu Market. But as for cleanliness, yes, it is much cleaner than Lulu.

  3. You really think the prices are a little more expensive? I had shopped at Lulu the day before and was comparing prices in my head, I think it's a good place comparative to lulu if you live in the city areas instead of driving all the way out to Qurain.


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