Saturday, June 14, 2014

Old Kuwaiti school in Kuwait City

I found another great old Kuwaiti building, this time an old school trying to survive in the middle of Kuwait City. In front of it there is a huge building being constructed, behind it there's some new buildings and it sits alone holding on to the past while the world around it modernizes.

 It's unfortunate that the building has been vandalized and graffiti drawn onto the walls instead of being preserved.


I couldn't explore the second floor as the flooring was not steady and might collapse any minute. This is one of the better buildings, the only damage being outside where some of the back building caught fire.


  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. شي يقهر بجد الدول تحافظ علي تراثها وحنا ندمره بكل سعاده


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