Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Collection of old Kuwaiti houses - Kuwait City

These huge houses must have been grand when they were first built. 

I'm digging the multi-colored glass panels on the front of the house.


  1. wow thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. I was in Kuwait and never seen those buildings. I definitely need to go back to lovely Kuwait :-) Please keep posting more :-) Barbi, Bratislava

  2. I have found several pictures about old buildings. I'm working on a project and I need the locations of these buildings, can you please tell me where they are? Thanks in advance.

  3. @munirah these houses are in Kuwait City near the roundabout by the Holiday Inn. I will be going to the city and will try to get the exact area, I can see the place in my mind but hard to give directions.


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