Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Southern Kuwait

We were invited to a tasting for 'The Southern' a new modern Southern restaurant in Mahboula. The restaurant had Southern charm with mason jar glasses, some quilts and Southern knick knacks for decoration. 

 Collard and artichoke dip -and- Pimento cheese dip...really nice with a little kick
 Meatloaf with a side of mac n' cheese and green beans.
 Fried chicken with a side of mash potatoes...really buttery
 Fried cherry pie
Overall a lovely experience, the owners, Nourah and Adam who are American-Kuwaitis were really sweet and attentive to their guests. There were a few hiccups which is expected when a new restaurant opens, I'm sure in time everything will run smoother. They will be open this week from 5-10 pm.You can check out their IG account @thesouthernkw or their website for more information.


  1. Your blog, reviews and posts are awesome. I came upon your site accidentally. I want to know if you have a Facebook page so I can follow your posts?

  2. I'm planning on moving to Kuwait to teach English in about a year or so and came across your blog. You're helping me to experience life there vicariously. Thank you! Keep posting, please! :-)


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