Monday, June 9, 2014

Old Kuwaiti houses

I never thought there would so many old houses in one area, does anyone have any pictures of old houses when they were in use? 

The only thing that disturbed me was the fact that people are still living in some of the run down houses, I'm sure they are not up to code which makes it a dangerous place to lay your head.

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  1. Most old houses in Kuwait are pulled down , not collapsed ,and IMHO they are well built and could serve years and years to come,they just need some (maintenance) ,cosmatics and frontage modernization ,apart from old houses here are just 40 or maybe 50 years old,In my country there are 200 and 300 years old houses and still robust and very spacious .Land lords here pull down their old houses and build towers with many apartments to let them for rent.


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