Friday, September 5, 2014

Briton attacked by religious police- store Video

A Saudi newspaper published a new film showing four members of the religious police pushing a Briton after he tried to pay through a female cashier at a famous shopping mall in the capital Riyadh.

Sabq Arabic language daily said the film was caught by security cameras at the mall before the incident snowballed into a scuffle outside the building.

The film showed the Briton, identified as Peter, has just handed the cashier his credit card when the bearded four members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice approached and asked him to leave that point.

After the man refused, one of them pushed him and tried to snatch his credit card but the Briton would not budge.

They then started to rebuke the female cashier who told them that the Briton was asked to pay there by the manager.

Quoted by local newspapers this week, his wife Abeer said the four threatened the couple and told the Briton they would wait for him outside.

Once Peter and his wife stepped out of the mall, the four rushed to them and started to shout and shove them. One of them was seen in another YouTube film jumping above a car and attacking Peter while a large crowd tried to stop him.

An ensuing probe by a committee ordered by the Commission’s chairman found the four guilty of unjustified assault and going beyond their powers. It ordered them transferred out of Riyadh and confined to office work.

I would never live in KSA!


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