Friday, September 12, 2014

Q80 Chef restaurant in Jabriya

I was looking for a fast food restaurant in Jabriya, I found this little restaurant owned by Abdullah Al Sarheed a young chef who started off catering at weddings and parties. Due to popular demand for his food he opened Q80 Chef about four months ago. It opens at 7 pm, I was there at 8:15pm and the meat shawerma was almost finished. There were orders coming in every few minutes, they barely had time to give me some information which is a good thing.
They also serve chicken shawerma but the chicken chef wasn't there today so only meat, but it was really good. They also have a 'protein' type shawerma using lettuce as a wrap instead of bread, that is great for my no carb diet. The prices range from 1 KD to 1.500 KD. 
I had the altaybin meat shawerma with mushrooms as a test sandwich, I will go back and try the chicken next week. 
He will be doing an interview with Scope TV Kuwait on Monday so look out for the interview.

He still caters to weddings and parties so call ahead and make sure they are open with food still available. You can follow on IG @q80_chef_ or call 60377713/99720289, it's located in Jabriya block 6 street 8 in the little plaza across from the masjid. They open at 7 pm and close when the food supply is finished.

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