Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Q8 Food Festival- March 2015

Imagine a “city street” for Foodies, encircled entirely by tented structures displaying restaurants, bakery’s, culinary vendors, beverage stands and cafe’s.  Imagine walking down that street, tasting bite sized delights of the most unique cuisine Kuwait has to offer.  Music dances in the air and a market umbrella & chair provide the perfect spot as you try to decide what to taste next.  It’s time to see a Celebrity Chef perform a cooking demonstration followed by a cookbook signing/meet & greet in a VIP suite. On the way to the Kid’s Zone, you pass by Center stage, where a lucky winner is about to win a prize.  A Jazz ensemble takes over and you’ve decided your sweet tooth deserves something chocolate.  You wrap your day up with a stroll through the Farmer’s Market, where you find the most delicious organically made jam for your morning toast.  As you’re leaving, you spot that powerful blender you’ve been thinking about all year, and you learn it’s now for sale in Kuwait.  It’s not too hard to imagine….
Announcing the Q8 Food Festival, to be held on 20,000 square meters of the Kuwait International Fairgrounds the first weekend in March, 2015.  This one of a kind yearly event will prove to be the city’s premier, open air weekend of everything to do with food. With partners like Bazaar magazine, Mercedes Benz and Food & Travel on board so far, we are certainly in good company.
 We are seeking signature cuisine to be highlighted at the event, selling 2-3 small tastes directly to the public.  Up to 50 restaurants will have the opportunity to be involved.  Our aim was to keep the restaurant tents as affordable as possible, and trust you’ll make a good portion, if not more of your investment back over the three day event. 

---Q8 Productions is a Media and Events company established in March 2014.   With an aim to keep the city’s culture, signature cuisine and local talent in mind, Q8 Productions has two main business projects: The Q8 Food Festival and LivinQ8.com.  The Q8 Food Festival will be the first of its kind, open air consumer food festival to be held in Kuwait in March 2015.  The LivinQ8.com website is an expat e-newsletter and website targeting expat news and information specificailly targeted to expat’s lifestyles and interests.
Q8 Productions is incorporating a business model for the Q8 Food Festival that launched successful food and beverage festivals for 7 consecutive years in South Florida, USA.  Joining forces in a culturally connected partnership, Q8 Productions combines International, Regional, and Local talents to coordinate this major event.  
This will be held in the Mishref fairgrounds from March 5-7, 2015 and is slated to be a huge foodie event with an expected 50,000 visitors with an invitation for 50 vendors showcasing different varieties of food. Bazaar Magazine is one of their media sponsors, you can read their article by clicking on the link. Q8 Productions is also behind the LivinQ8 website which tries to fill in the gap left by EEK! magazine. For more information on the event click here, I look forward to this event.


  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing this to us and it helped me a lot. Looking forward for the next! GBU

  2. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places out there, the views at Boston restaurants are astounding and the event was timed perfectly with the sunset.


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