Saturday, September 13, 2014

720 KD deposit for Indian domestic Help

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 12: The Government of India has made it mandatory for employers in Kuwait wishing to bring female domestic workers from India to submit a Bank Guarantee of $2,500 equivalent to KD 720 (Kuwaiti Dinar Seven hundred twenty only) as a security deposit with the Embassy of India in Kuwait with immediate effect.

Henceforth, the employers in Kuwait bringing female domestic workers have to deposit a Bank Guarantee of KD 720.000 (equivalent to $2,500) in favour of Embassy of India along with the documents submitted for attestation by the Embassy.

The Bank Guarantee, provided by a bank in Kuwait needs to be valid till such time the female domestic worker remains in Kuwait.

The Embassy will attest agreements for employment of female domestic workers in Kuwait once the above condition of Bank Guarantee is fulfilled.

This measure is being taken to safeguard the welfare of female domestic workers in Kuwait.

That doesn't mean she won't run away once she gets here, a lot of women use domestic help as a way of getting into the country, finding a middleman and then running away to look for another job which means you lose the money you spent and will have to start all over. 

Here's an example:

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 12: The Ministry of Interior has busted a gang of people who own fake offices and offer domestic help to unsuspecting people at comparatively cheap price, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily added, these offices work hand in hand with the maids who once hired by a family runs away after working for a few days and then they are offered to other people. This is done through mutual understanding with the maids and owners of these fake offices.

The daily added, personnel from the Residence Detectives Affairs raided a hideout in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and arrested a group of Asians involved in the scam. The Ministry has warned families not to fall prey to fake offices.


  1. What I want to know is: what is the KD 720 used for? Does the embassy just pocket it, or does the female domestic worker get shelter, clothing, medical treatment and/or a ticket home should there be an emergency?

    The Philippines Embassy has been kickin ass and takin names for years on this cause. The Indian Embassy should use them as a case study on how to do it right. They have a shelter at the embassy. They have a labor office at the embassy to take complaints. They do a LOT of PR/liaison with the Government of Kuwait.

  2. Ofcourse you guys rape them beat them up murder them - dont you think they will run? Why cant you all just clean your asses up? Maid is a must? lol

  3. Thanks for approving my comments, whoeever you are. I moved from Kuwait and I am happy I am not a hateful human but I cant forget how they treated me and how they treat so many in Kuwait.. It's sick.. I will never forgive kuwaities. Ever. In my life.

  4. I welcome various opinions as long as they are not personal attacks. Everyone has their own experiences,both good and bad.

  5. This subject is fast becoming ridiculously annoying! it is now costing around 1,300 kd to transfer a housemaid to your name! monthly salaries have also gone up from 60 kd yesteryear to at least 110 kd. The issue is not how we treat them, it's their attitudes. They come as housemaids with the standard resume showing "can cook, clean, all round house work, babysit" and when they finally arrive after 2 months of agonising wait, they surprise you with "I don't know madam!" So my question is, what did they expect to work here? Manager, consultant, personal assistant, researcher......your application is for a housemaid?! I'm not saying it's an easy job, but I for one always treat them with the utmost respect and provide them with everything they need. So their salaries are 100% theirs and all sent to their families. In return, I get disrespected and have to go through the hastily of washing dishes, doing clothes and working...the whole shebang! This subject can go on forever and I have so much to share, however, will keep it for another time.
    Apologies Crazy in Kuwait for letting it go here, which may not be the appropriate place.

  6. I feel your pain and so has my mother in-law she has gone through several maids losing thousands of KD, one was messing with the driver next door, another one just ran away. There is a mafia for real, they encourage them to run away and then they get put into prostitution. Some use the ticket as a way to get into Kuwait and then simply run away and try to get a work visa. They are never happy, even if you treat them good. There aren't any day cares, the nurseries cost as much as private schools. I made the mistake of allowing the maid to get a phone, now nothing is done, I wash dishes and clean because she does a half-ass job. She is stuck on the phone for hours and I am worried what goes on when I'm at work, I know my little ones were running wild. Honestly I don't know what is the solution.

    1. Wow! I'm both happy and distraught about the situation. Happy that I'm definitely not alone, yet distraught that others have it worst than I do. Sorry to hear you're going through all this. We have recently placed our little one in a nursery only because we find it a better environment for him than being alone in the house with a complete stranger. Even with internet cams and baby monitors at home, we still aren't comfortable. They just don't make maids like they used to back in the day. We often contemplate just getting rid of them and try to convince ourselves that doing chores is exercise, but it's not helping my wife's medical condition and I'm just to lazy to keep up with her high standards.
      Best of luck with your situation.

  7. i know embassy only bring kuwait recruting agency office only battear not come promalam all kuwait canteary bring like this indian only bring without office


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