Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guy skins live rabbit with his Teeth!

I found this on IG, I have no words to describe my shock and horror,he is doing it while the rabbit is alive, there's a video on his IG! This guys goes by @cannibal_q8 someone needs to report him! He also (wears speedos, an anchor choker) shows his CID because he's not scared of @mariam_alkharafi. What's really sad is the fact that his followers had increased by hundreds within 15 minutes, sickos! This is a perfect example of what happens when steroids go bad.
I don't know what it says
 As of 2:45 pm today he has 16437 followers, at 10 pm last night he had 12900, his account was brought up 2 days ago when @Mariam_alkharafi  posted about it, he only had 6600 followers? Who are these people following him?
UPDATE: He has removed all of the videos of him ripping apart dead animals, he's still a wack job. Now, if he could get rid of that anchor choker......... 


  1. I saw that on Instagram yesterday and I was so sickened and appalled that I am still in shock over what I saw. I turned it off and immediately blocked the person who had posted it; regardless of their intentions, it just terrorized ME. I wonder what he is doing to his children - or the children in his neighborhood. This type of torture only escalates.

  2. People here are a**holes on IG. They follow every account they go to, they like every post whether they saw it or non/liked it or not. Burn in hell sicko

  3. I am so thankful I left Kuwait.... I remember how bad you all are.

  4. This is a truly sick individual and I certainly hope they arrest him and make an example of him. He has the propensity to cause serious harm to others in the community and to his wife/children (should anyone be unfortunate enough to get stuck with him).

    According to his Civil ID his name is Othman Abdullah Ahmad Alfalakawi and he was born in 1983. He's younger than my husband but looks old enough to be my father. Further evidence of the damage steroids can do.

    It's obvious this man is seeking attention from anyone and (based on the looks of his trashy aluminum kitchen, cheap anchor neck thing, and City Center clothing) I'll assume he couldn't afford the Lamborghini so he opted for eating live animals.

    Hopefully he'll end up in jail... he'll be a favorite with his tiny little stature.


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