Sunday, September 28, 2014

Menstruating women leaders- no decisions should be Made

Women should not make any important decisions while they are menstruating, a top female UAE medical professional told a women’s leadership conference in Dubai on Monday.
Dr Maryam Matar, a trained physician and chairman and founder of UAE Genetic Diseases Association, made the comments during a speech to delegates at the Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit, 7DAYS newspaper reported.

“I noticed all decisions that I regret were directly related to my oestrogen. I used to take my period for granted, I did not care when it was my first day, when I was ovulating, when my oestrogen is up or progesterone is down,” Dr Matar said in a speech on ‘Emirati women as partners and contributors in the nation building process’.

“So please, as a woman leader, you have your calendar, please be aware about your first day of your period,” she added. “Two days before that and the first day of your menstruation and the second day try to avoid any decision. Please, I beg you to do that.”

However, other delegates at the event hit out at the remarks as backward and dismissed them as backward.

May Khizam, CEO of a private investment firm, said the views the comments “just take us back 50 years,” and “feed into the male stereotype of women.”

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