Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Handicap parking Sign

These signs are posted in the parking lot of Jabriya co-op.
'Don't look at my parking- look at my burden'
 This guy had no handicap permit
'If you want to take my parking- take my burden'
I'm not sure about the English translation, I'm sure it has a different vibe than what it says in Arabic.


  1. Wow. And non-handicapped people are still arrogant enough to park there?

  2. It's says: "If you want to take my place
    Then take my disability"

    It's nice since place means parking and physical place. Anyway the English translation socks, and what's the Story with The random Capitalisation

    مكاني = place
    Parking = موقفي، Kuwaiti:مصفطي
    إعاقتي = My disability, my handicap
    Burden = تعبي


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