Saturday, September 27, 2014

Emirate female Pilot


Mariam Al Mansouri of Abu Dhabi is the first Emirati female pilot in the country’s airforce. She has also become the first female pilot in the region to bomb Daesh after she took part in an Arab-Western coalition attack on Daesh in North Syria this week.

“I the beginning, I had not expected to become a pilot of F16,” Mariam said in a film broadcast by Abu Dhabi television on Wednesday night.

“But thanks God, our dream which has been fulfilled thanks to the support of the leadership, government and our instructors….….I would like to say that both Emirati men and women have the right to work in any field with determination, faith, resolution and sincerity to serve our beloved homeland.”

Watch Mariam in military uniform before she boarded her US-built F16 aircraft and roared away…

UPDATE: This story claims she has be disowned by her family for bombing Sunni targets.

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