Monday, September 1, 2014

Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait- Abandoned

I was driving through Salmiya looking for some scenic spots for pictures when I passed by Hard Rock CafĂ© and then I remembered it had been closed down. What I found was something that happens all over Kuwait- abandoned/destroyed properties that have closed. There has to be another solution for handling closed properties other than letting them sit and rot. This could be used as a venue for something else while the owner figures out what they will do with it. 


I will take the Chevy hanging from the ceiling if they are going to throw it away. It would be the perfect location for a Shakshooka/Qout market theme but alas the property is better to be left to rot than to let anyone take it for free/cheap.


  1. I believe it closed down March/April this year. Really sad. I've eaten here numerous times. The views are great.

  2. Not a Chevy, that's a 1954 Cadillac. Sad...

  3. We lived in Kuwait 2007/8 and this was a fabulous place to go, meet & eat. Terrible sad to see these pics. I particularly remember Britney's concert mini dress on display there. I'd LOVE to have that!


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