Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kuwait Stuff

Here are some pictures of random stuff.
Does anyone remember the Jungle Café? That used to one our hangouts years ago.
 I finally visited this Touristic Enterprise location thinking it was a place to find out about activities in Kuwait, I was wrong. It's an empty lonely place with a couple guys who don't peak English. The only thing they do is make reservations for Khairan resort. What a waste! I tried to explain to the guy that touristic means things to do in Kuwait but there was no response. All of the other GCC countries have awesome touristic websites, in Kuwait we have nothing.
I thought this was funny, not the I that should be capitalized but the parrots name is 'Buba'. Once again it should be I'm and I'll, one would think a bank would get it right before putting this big sign up.
 A new product comes out and sure enough, the price will be increased within a few months!
 New 'sodium free' water from ABC in neat blue colored bottles. They are a little bit more expensive but tasted great.

Recycle bins always sounds great if the people actual use them for their intended purpose.
 Nope, not the intended purpose!
Good thing about Kuwait, there's always a mistake to write about!

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