Saturday, May 9, 2015

Labor camp Ad

Posted on: 5/6/2015 11:03:43 PM | by : Sony S 
Location: Mahbula
Dear Viewers
. Each flat will be accommodated with 10 Persons.
. Each apartment will have two bathrooms.
. Each apartment will be provided with bunger bed/single bed as per the company instruction.
. Each person will be provided with one mattress, one blanket, one pillow and one bed sheet.
. 24 hrs drinking water facilities ( Hot & Cold ) which will be arranged at lobby & Dining hall.
. Free electricity & water.
. Water cooler will be available at the mess hall.
. Monitoring will be made in all building's lobby and entrances.
. Security available 24X7 in all 25 buildings.
. We have capacity to provide 18000 meals per day.
. Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner will be provided to the camp.
. The menu chart featuring a table for 7 days which will be revised every two months to avoid monopoly on meals or as per request.
Minimum quantity for this proposal will be 400 nos.
Genuine ones please contact 97259900

I saw this ad on FB, 10 people in each flat with only 2 bathrooms?????????? I think I know which buildings this ad is for, the group of  buildings that have just went up in Mahboula. You can see them from the road and they are massive. The area is already saturated with single male laborers and now they want to add 10 per flat for 25 buildings??????

Hello Ministry people!!!!!! This is a family area, my mom and sister live in Fintas and Abu Halaifa and the area is already full of laborers who hang out on the side of the road with nothing to do. There is no way to go to the beach on the weekend with your family because of them watching.


  1. Those places are going to get alot crowded with KNPC projects about to take off.Around 50,000 people will be required for these projects

  2. OMG that's the sudden building boom in the area. There's no room for so many people.

  3. There is a labor complex in Kabd (near 604 and 7th Ring Road). It is ENORMOUS. I have no idea how many workers that place can house. There is electricity, but no one is living there. It is in the middle of the desert (literally) with nothing around; no services, etc. I guess this is the new concept: Kick all the laborers out of the city and stick them out in the desert somewhere in jail-like facilities. I dont' know what kind of "amenities" this medium-security prison (oh sorry - labor camp) will have. I'm going to try to get out there and take pictures one day (have to borrow a 4 wheel drive to get there from the road - literally!).


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