Monday, May 18, 2015

Syrian children selling watermelon in the hot Sun

I was saddened to see children left on the corner having to sell fruits and vegetables instead of being in school. It was 10:30 am when I saw this child setting up his watermelons to sale. 
 Down the street there was another setup with two other children but they had disappeared while their watermelons sat on the side of the road
 When I came back to give him water he was trying to sit in the shade of the sign
 I tried to give him water but he refused as someone else had already brought him water and ice cream. He came up to my window, his face dirty and lips dry from the sun telling me he was Syrian and he just wanted money to sell the watermelons not water. I asked him where his father was but he told me he wasn't around.
It's very hard to know if what they say is true or if they are being used by an adult to gain pity and then turn over their earnings to the person in charge of the ring. We read how beggars come to wealthy countries on visit visas and earn thousands of KD each year during Ramadan and Eid. I didn't offer money because I don't know if doing so will contribute to further exploitation of these children. As I watched a grey and white police car pass the child without a second look I knew no one cared for him.


  1. OMG I saw one of these kids the other day - no umbrella, no water. Nothing. These poor little souls.

  2. Yes... No one cares.. and no one will...
    btw although this is not your main subject but Syrians now a days can't bring their children or their wives here... A father who works here under any occupation (Dr. Eng, teacher, ...mandoob, driver...), if he let go his children's residency for any reason (Study..etc) he can't get him back what so ever... I know many Syrian families who have spend all of their lives here and affected by this decision... this has been the case for the last 3 years, and counting ... Maybe they want to limit such a case ?

  3. Its really sad to learn kids toiling in the sun. At this age, children should be in the schools learning and playing, not on the streets making a living under the hot sun.


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