Monday, May 11, 2015

Saudi wife racks up 300,000 riyals in fines on husband's Car

A Saudi wife took revenge on her husband who married a new bride - by racking up £50,000 of driving penalties in his car. She took the pick-up truck while her husband was celebrating his second wedding night before asking her brother to repeatedly drive it through red lights. They spent the night deliberately flouting traffic regulations, building up fines totaling about 300,000 Saudi Riyals – the equivalent of more than £51,000.

Video of the truck breaking traffic rules was captured by another driver and has been widely shared on the internet. It shows the pick-up truck inching forward through red lights before being flashed by a camera. The truck then reverses and carries out the manoeuvre several times. The violations were picked up by the Saudi traffic monitoring system Saher, according to Gulf News which says the story was reported on local news website Al Marsad.

Footage of the incident sparked a mixed reaction on social media websites.One female blogger called Budoor is quoted as saying: ‘Well done by the wife. He opted to distance himself from her, so it is only normal that she teaches him a lesson.

However, some back the husband with one man, Abu Arwa, writing: ‘It was his wedding evening and he has many witnesses who can testify that he was not driving his pickup.‘His first wife and her brother will be forced to pay the fines since they were the ones in the car that broke the rules. They should also be sent to jail and given lashes for their reckless behaviour.’

Hella funny!


  1. Why get yourself involved in all that - on camera? Cheating or second-wife-taking mofos can be rehabilitated with a little super glue to the privates area and repeated eye drops added to the morning coffee. Salt peter is also a good one and is easily found in the local market. Personally, I wouldn't do anything that would provide hard cold evidence like video footage. There are much more subtle/harmful ways which can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

    ... having said that... GOOD FOR HER.

  2. She should just divorce him---I agree with Abu Arwa... legally, she (actually her brother I guess) is in the wrong, even though her husband might be a jerk.


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