Monday, May 11, 2015

Taxi fare Scam

I just took a taxi from Shuwaikh to Jabriya after dropping off my car at the garage. The guy said it would be 1.500 KD, of fair enough. I was shocked to see a fare meter set up starting off at .250 fils and each kilometer was .050 so by the time I reached the area it read 1.250 KD I was like cool, I beat the 1.500 KD and was going to give him a tip.

Not so fast, as I got out I handed him a 5 KD bill and he gave me back 3.500 KD? I was like your fare says 1.250 KD so why are you charging me another .500 fils? He went off in Arabic which I couldn't understand and when I told him beladiya says you need to go by the meter he went off again.

So I took a picture of his document sheet and he got nervous trying to hand me more money. I told to keep it because I'm not fighting over .500 fils. So it looks like they have the meter running in the car so in case they get pulled over they can say they are using it but in reality they already have a set price in their mind. Total scam artists!

From the looks of the car I thought it would be an ok ride, nope, the car was busted and the a/c was only in the front and then he lied about the meter. I miss my car already!!!


  1. That how taxi in kuwait works. If you deal the price in advance, then you need to pay that amount of money regardless the meter.

    Btw, the taxi actually not allowed to pick passenger from the street, since they don't have the light on top of it.

  2. Actually I didn't agree on the price, the mechanic went out to the street and waved one down that's when the mechanic told me the price, before I saw the meter in the car and if they have a meter they should abide by that. In countries that have normal taxi cars and drivers you just get in the car and tell them where you are going knowing that the meter is followed.

    That is not the case here, you don't know what to expect and should be alert at all times.

  3. It's only half a dinar - just pay. Uuuuffff. These taxi drivers make around 60kd a month from the people that actually own the taxi companies- so what if they want to pocket an extra half a dinar - what's it going to total a day - 8-10kd? These people work for next to nothing.

  4. They are still better off than being in their own countries. It's not about 500 fils it's about following the rules. He still got his money, someone above is watching so I'm not worried about it.

  5. Actually don't pay by the meter. I have seen certain meters which run on time rather than distance probably would have cost you 3 KD for this trip. Also negotiate in advance :)


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