Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No money to pay for private school Tuition

As a volunteer with OH we come across parents who can't afford to their child's tuition. Our group is not financially able to provide that type of assistance so what do they do? As I posted before the inflation rate in Kuwait is extremely high, rent is high, food is high and of course tuition eats away at what's left of the monthly salary that never increases enough to cover monthly expenses.

So what do parents do when they run into this situation?

When the end of the year comes and a parent is unable to pay and the school is already asking for registration for the next year because 'there are only a few places left so you must pay registration now to save your child's place' which is not usually the case, the school is just trying to suck more money out of the parent what do they do? The parent can't take the child out of the school as the school keeps all records and will not release them until the amount is fully paid. Will they let the child attend the next year of school even though there is still a balance from the previous year?

I've heard of organizations out there that help expats pay for the tuition but most of them are Arabic related, what if the parent is not Arab? Where are these organizations located? I met a Behbehani lady who does this type pf charity but I don't know the details or qualifications to receive their help. It's too bad the schools don't offer some kind of work for the mother or some way of paying it off, the people who work in school administration never give up their jobs because they get a discount so landing one of those is almost impossible.

Can schools blacklist parents due to non-payment? It's getting more and more difficult to live in Kuwait.

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  1. A child's education is now strongly bonded with the level of income the parents have. What an indication for the status of a nation...


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