Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Outrageous Palace in Messila

This outrageous but beautiful house is almost completed, I think they've been building it for more than 5 years now. It reminds me of an Indian palace with beautiful intricate designs.

I would believe the owners are royal? What do people do with these places? What kind of money was paid for the location and building? Is it just a weekend location? Prime example of gluttony in my opinion.


  1. I know the people who own this place and yes, they are members of the ruling family. I went inside while construction was a little less finalized and everything is, as you would expect, over the top in every possible way.

    The most unimaginable part is this: this is a house for a six-member family.

    I'll let that sink in...

    1. Mash Allah, I can only imagine what it looks like inside as it is crazy cool on the outside. I was tempted to sneak around but I had people with me hahaha.....I want a tour....think you could hook me up :D

      Although it is a great way to be in the same house and never see each other.....I can only imagine what furnishing the place must cost along with the hired staff....

  2. Oh really, I thought it was like a new restaurant mall like Arabella.

  3. it might be cool if it was turned over to the public as a museum


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